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OA+ 40- Uphill desires + downhill habits = ?

advance perspective success Dec 27, 2018

More reflections from GoPro 2018 (Eric Worre’s event in Las Vegas for Network Marketing Professionals). Here, I talk about some things leadership guru John Maxwell relayed to the audience.

First, he began by talking about intentionality- about living with design and purpose INSTEAD OF letting life just happen. The time passes, either way. You can decide to do something with it, or simply allow it to pass.

Most of the great things in life happen because of intentionality. Think about it. No winner at the Super Bowl, a business accomplishment, or any other feat has ever been asked, “How’d you do it?” and the respond with, “I don’t know. I’m not sure how I got here or where I even am…”

No, we know that the outcomes we want generally require intentional discipline.

Second, he discussed the idea that most of the valuable things we’ll do- that we CHOOSE to do- are “all uphill.” That is, they require time + effort + energy.

The natural “slide” is downhill, backwards….

The problem is that, as Maxwell says, “We all have uphill hopes, but downhill habits…”

Third, he gives us a few steps towards living intentional lives (I loved it, because it resonated with so much about what we learn at the Advance workshops).

Maxwell used the example of cutting down a tree. He asked, “Can I do it if I take 5 swings of an ax a day…?”

The answer… is YES…


#1- You’ve got to know WHAT you want to accomplish (i.e., cut a tree down).

#2- You’ve got to have the right TOOL. If you try to cut a tree down with the wrong tool (i.e., a baseball bat instead of an ax, it won’t work. You’ll likely do more damage than good- even IF you have the skill set AND even IF you work consistently at it!)

#3- FOCUS is the next one… If you’re trying to chop down a tree, you can do it in 5 swings of the ax a day. If you go to the SAME TREE every day, it will fall faster. Problem is… well… a lot of people cut on one tree today, another tomorrow, another the next day…

#4- CONSISTENCY compounds. That’s the next trait you need. Staying “on it” keeps you moving forward, sharpens your skills, and builds a rhythm that actually works.

#5- CONTINUING until the tree falls. That is, most people stop just shy of the goal.

(And, bonus, don’t just stop with the achievement of that dream… get it, then re-dream.)


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