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OA+ 41- Ernie Yarbrough talks momentum & says you're losing $$$ b/c of conflict on your team

Royal Crown Diamond Ernie Yarbrough talks about why you need momentum. Fresh off the "Momentum Project" he and Myra ran for their team, he discusses a few things that are IPAs... and a few things that aren't (IPA = Income Producing Activity).


1. Enrolling new members.

2. Getting people on ER (Essential Rewards).

Did you know that 80-90% of all orders come through ER? And, 30% of all people that don't order again within 100 days or so won't ever order again...?

The "on-boarding process" is huge for any business- particularly ours.

3. So is leader-development, another IPA.

The biggest bonuses in Young Living's compensation plan are actually realized when you help others reach "Silver" rank and higher!

And... get this...

4. Resolving conflict. Turns out, you're actually LOSING money because of conflict on your team. 

Think about it. If people won't work together- if they refuse to communicate- it dramatically affects the other IPAs that are necessary to sustain and grow your business, right?

In this talk you'll learn that the currency of network marketing is relationships. Further, your paycheck is a reflection of the relational health of your organization!

Listen in... this is a great talk!


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