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OA+ 44- Dr. Benjamin Perkus gets practical about emotional health (part 2 of 2)

Here’s the promised follow-up to Dr. Perkus’ (DP) story about the genesis of the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT).

Grab the 3 AFT oils (Frankincense + Lavender + Stress Away), because I’ve got a bonus for you at the end of this talk.

Before we get to that, you’ll learn that…

#1- A lot of the negative memories we deal with are SMALL. That is, although huge traumatic events (often called “Trauma with a CAPITAL T”) can certainly hurt us, small events are most often the culprits.

#2- These small events are most often NOT the result of someone intentionally doing something wrong to harm us. A lot of times, people are just doing the best they can with the skill sets they have and the knowledge they posses… they’re, like us, walking through the daily grind of everyday life.

(No worries if you’re confused- he provides some real life examples in the talk.)

#3- A lot of the native stuff carry with us is SELF-GENERATED. In fact, DP says that about 90% of the junk we carry is the result of something we’ve conjured in order to protect ourselves from future harm. Furthermore, our emotions do this almost by default- without us making a deliberate decision. In the same way our bodies self-heal, create scar tissue, and then self-protect, so also do our emotions create ways to SCAR UP and PROTECT.

Alright… the path to healing…

The book has 12 steps. (They’re not related to AA; there just happens to be 12!)

At Step #3 we’ve got to LABEL the emotions. That means we’ve got to know what some of these are…

At Step #4 we’ve got to determine where we feel it in the body. In fact, many somatic psychologists believe that “in order to heal it you’ve got to feel it.”

Then… after that, we can work with the oils…

… the oils go straight to the sense of smell, the STRONGEST sense you have… a sense that was designed to protect us. In other words, it’s key to our survival (DP explains why in the talk). That means it’s often key to your healing, as well…

Want to take ANOTHER step?

  • If you want healing, go to the AFT website (links below).
  • If you want to heal others, you can find the links there as well as to a) practitioner certification (12 week process) or b) instructor certification (3x as long, as you’ll be certifying practitioners).

Again, you don’t have to be certified to use the techniques of AFT on yourself or even on others. You only need to be certified if you’re going to charge a fee.

All that said, at the end of the talk I asked DP to do his “60-second reset” for you. So, at that point, you’ll want to grab the oils you need- Frank, Lavender, and Stress Away- and follow along as he leads…

(By the way, I decided to “cut and paste” the reset out of the talk as well, w/ DP’s permission, so that you can listen and re-listen without having to replay the entire talk. Enjoy.)


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