OA+ 45- Tom Nikkola shows you how to awaken your inner-athlete

I met Tom Nikkola in Ecuador- on an award trip with Young Living. Then, he began attending the men’s Advance events…

… and began speaking at them…

… and even hosted 10.0 in Minneapolis.

In this talk we discuss fitness, and how Tom desires to see men walk away from the “Dad bod” mentality and awaken to the strong athlete that resides in each of them- even if they’re not an athlete.

Face it, healthier guys are better fathers, better husbands, better workers, better at everything…

Health matters.

That said, Tom mentioned three things you’ve got to do in order to start anything new- particularly if it’s a new fitness routine. This works in every area of life.

First, you’ve got to set something down. Most of us are extremely busy. Whereas we think we can add something else to our weekly routine (and probably can for a few weeks), the reality is that our schedule is already full.

Question: What are you going to set down in order to pick up something new?

Second, we’ve got to make the actions associated with the “new thing” a non-negotiable. We don’t take days off- other than what we’ve already decided to take. We don’t bend the decision once it’s made.

(We spent an entire podcast talking about John Maxwell’s “uphill desires + downhill habits” at There, he discuses the “rule of 5. Take a look).

Question: Is success at the new goal a non-negotiable for you?

(This means doing it EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT!)

Third, we’ve got to be clear on the goal. For fitness it’s the difference of deciding if you want washboard abs and a 6-pack, or if you want to hit a specific weight…

This matters, because this goal has to be lived in tension with every other aspect of your life.

Question: What does success actually look like?

Tom teaches resistance training. He says that if you can succeed at resistance training, your body learns to cope in other ways…

  • You become more confident.
  • You become more emotionally stable and strong…

In other words, success here overflows to other areas of life.


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