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OA+ 47- Jason Sapp overcame PTSD & equips others to do it (1 of 2)

Jason Sapp spent two tours of duty in Iraq, came back with PTSD, and reaped a whirlwind of calamity. At one point he was hooked on multiple prescriptions (up to 14), had multiple affairs, and got divorced.

He almost became a stat- one of the 22 soldiers per day who take their own life (since 9/11, soldiers are more likely to die at their own hands than the hands of an enemy combatant).

Why did it get so bad…

First, we don’t “do emotions.” We’ve been taught to deal with physical pain and just “suck it up.” Yet emotional wounds are still real. Left untreated, they still cause damage. In the same way that un-set broken bones continue to get worse and cause more pain, so also do emotional hurts…

Second, protocol for the VA (Veterans Administration) is to medicate. Though PTSD isn’t new, it’s just now coming into focus. Right now, the treatment ALWAYS involves meds when done by the VA.

Why? Because the military has standard procedures for everything. However, this is one area where standards might not work so well…

Third, a lot of guys are afraid to deal with the issue. They could face repercussions…

  • Things like a diagnosis that may make them ineligible for future jobs.
  • Or the loss of benefits (the VA, on the other hand, may not want to diagnose because then they MUST pay benefits).

Jason tells us about the night things shifted for him- one evening when get to “triggered” while they were out to eat BBQ. He has a great definition for “triggered,” as well, which he outlines in the talk.

That led him to his first experience of the oil Peace & Calming…

Which led him to studying more…

Which led to an encounter with the Feelings Kit.

Jason’s approach is now…

  • Let the heart do the heart work.
  • Let the mind to do the mind work.
  • Let the oils do the dirty work.

He says to use them, trusting that they’ll do their job… even as you talk, pray, counsel, and work through the tough issues…

By the way, Jason reminds us that PTSD can affect anyone. And any trauma can do it…




Car accidents.

Other traumatic events…

And, yes, war…

Oddly enough, we all respond to trauma differently. No two people are alike, so we all “take it in” and experience it in different ways.


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