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OA+ 48- Jason Sapp & more about emotional health (2 of 2)

This talk picks up where episode 47 left off, so if you haven’t finished that one yet, go to and then come back!

Here, we get more practical than we did in the last discussion, talking about where people need to start if they need emotional health + wholeness. A few things we discuss-

Here are six…

#1- Time. Take as long as you need to heal, so long as you’re actually healing.

Don’t get stuck…

And don’t say you’re walking towards healing when you’re not and instead choosing to anchor in the trauma…

But take the time you need to heal.

#2- Identity.

Often, people don’t want to heal. Or, they do, but they keep reverting back.

Here’s why: so much of our identity is wrapped in what we’ve done or in what was done to us. Emotional wounds can become part of our “look and feel,” just as physical scars can.

We’ve got to replace the old shame-based identity with the imago Dei, the true image of who we really are.

#3- Forgive.

Sometimes the Bible tells us to not judge others; other times it tells us to actually judge. In this talk, we discuss the difference.

We decided that we ARE to cast a decision as to what happened- as to whether it was right or wrong. By its very nature, forgiveness concedes that a wrong was committed.

But our judgment stops there. We don’t sit in the place of THE judge, making a determination as to penance for the person who committed the wrong.

We release them…

And we move forward.

Often, healing comes at this very instant. And, in fact, when it doesn’t, we need to ask the question as to whether or not we really forgave.

#4- Limiting beliefs.

Sometimes, you’ve got to forgive yourself. It sounds odd, but you’ve got to get to a place where you release yourself from all judgments…

Don’t feel guilty because of something that was done to you, something in which you were the victim.

Don’t dwell on something you caused…

If you do either one, you’ll likely find yourself believing the lie that you deserve “less than” the amazing destiny that’s ordained for you (see Ephesians 2:8-10).

You’ve got to let go of the things that hold you back.

#5- Daily grind.

Do the tough work, day to day, of walking your journey. There are ups and downs and everything in between.

Sometimes, let’s be real, just getting out of bed and moving through the day is a victory. When the high moments come, enjoy them. When the lows come, relish that fact you that made it through another day, doing the tough work of the soul…

Every single step you take moves you closer to your goal of wholeness, regardless of how long those steps take.

#6- Don’t be afraid of the “bad” or “negative” emotions.

Our culture lands on buzz words and clever cliches that sound right, but hold no more water than a bottomless pitcher. Don’t buy the lines…

Lines like this one: “Fear is a liar.”

No. It’s actually not.

Nor or any of the “bad” emotions. We don’t want to be controlled by them, but we do want to hear what they’re saying. Fear can serve you, as can all of your emotions.

In the same way physical sensations have been given to us by God to encounter the world around us with our bodies, our emotions have been given to us to experience the world with our souls.

No, they should’t dictate our responses, but they can’t tell us what we’re facing…

Just like a thermometer. A thermometer tells you the temperature of the climate. Thermostats, on the other hand, set the climate.

We don’t want our emotions to set the climate. We want to respond in healthy ways…

But, the thermostat of the soul can communicate to us how to best do that…

In the end, Jason reminds us that there’s hope. You’re not alone. Keep walking.



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