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OA+ 50- Kerri Foster explains we’re thinking too small- there’s more

In this episode of the OilyApp+ podcast you’ll meet Kerri- a single mom who’s used her Young Living business to expand her horizons and do some things few people would think possible. I wanted you to introduce her, because her story shows you that there’s more…. that there is, as we say on the podcast, a way to….

  • Escape the 9-5 and live the life of your dreams…
  • While working from anywhere…
  • While living well…
  • While doing more good.


While brining other people along for the journey with you.

Kerri has been able- and is continuing- to do each of these.

She got into the essential oil world a few years ago, when she needed to address a health issue. Someone prayed for her. Another gave her some oils. Both things worked together.

She continued using the products and made a complete health-shift. Using oils caused her to think about the ingredients in her foods… and in her protein shakes… and in every other thing in her home.

The more she used, the more she talked. And the more she talked, the more people bought. Almost “accidentally” (I know- we say that a lot!), a business was born.

Kerri hit Silver- one of the first LEGIT ranks with Young Living. The average Silver pay-out is about $2,200 per month. It’s a life-changer. She decided that if she looked at it like a business, she could grow it…

“What else could I do with the money?” she thought.

She prayed, and the Lord gave her a vision of a house- one she built. And, rather than renting space for her softball coaching, she built a 12-foot ceiling in the basement and moved her coaching business in-house, too. The rent she would have paid somewhere else now pays for the house, which she hopes to payoff soon.

What else is on the horizon…?

First, the house lets her work from anywhere… and she and her daughter can be together as often as they want to.

Second, the house is a place of rest and refuge. She loves hospitality and invites women and Bible studies and events and other groups to use her space…

Third, Kerri is evaluating how she can pour herself into others, to build them in order to empower them to build their business.

Fourth, Kerri says there are things she’s learned from the MLM industry that have opened her eyes to the “What else is possible?” question. For instance, in what ways might she realize a residual income stream for her softball coaching? And what might she do if she makes even more money than she thought possible…?

“You don’t have to be afraid of network marketing,” she says. “It’s taught me things I never would have known, things I can use anywhere…”

… that includes the tools she uses, the personal development skills, and the expanded horizon to dream even bigger, bolder, and better.


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