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OA+ 52- Jeremy Aliff exemplifies how MLM can fuel your dreams

Jeremy Aliff exemplifies the notion that even if network marketing isn’t your “thing,” it can the engine that fuels your dreams. Think about it like he explains it…

Who doesn’t want better health?

And who doesn’t want enhanced relationships?

Who doesn’t prefer to live as the best version of themselves?

And who doesn’t desire time-freedom as opposed to being stuck in a 9-5 grind…?

Turns out, network marketing is a vehicle to the good side of the equation in EACH of those instances- AND MORE.

(By the way, MLM clearly IS Jeremy’s thing- he and his wife, Hailey, hit the top rank in Young Living just a few years into their journey!)

Let me give you some of his story. He shares the details ALL in the podcast.

Over the past year, Jeremy and Hailey adopted a baby girl…

For the past FEW years, Hailey and her sisters have front-lined full-blown ministry to Uganda. At some point, they worked through some relationships they have and got Young Living Foundaiton involved. Most of what happens there through YL Foundation can be directly tied to their efforts (do a quick search for the Oily Sistas).

Jeremy also launched a biz, which was the impetus to have him share his story on the OIlyApp+ podcast.

Here’s how it happened…

A few of his pals from college continue meeting once a year to take a hunting trip. They began kidding each other than they have a “hunting club.”

After they decided to fish one year instead of hunt, they proposed that it was now a “sports club.”

Then one of the guys designed a shirt for the trip, so they decided they were now a “clothing company.”

Finally, half-kidding and half-serious, they decided to actually design a few hats and shirts…

They used the name Cajun Magnolia- the “Cajun” being a nod to the guys from Louisiana and the “Magnolia” acting as homage to the two from Mississippi.

The clothing line works, in large part, because the pressures usually associated with a start-up biz are absent. There’s not been any pressure to find start-up capital, to turn a quick profit, or to rush to the market before the designs are actually ready. Jeremy doesn’t need a salary, because their home biz has him covered…

Will it turn a profit? Sure…

But network marketing has created an engine that now fuels him- and Hailey- to do incredible things like adoption, missions work (that reaches larger and farther than most churches), and starting new businesses….

And, of course, they get all the other benefits, too… the relationships, the self-development, the enhanced health, and all the perks we mention in the show.

Botton line? You deserve to take a second look at the biz. You’re going to spend your time doing SOMETHING in order to fund your life and pay the bills. It might as well be something that accomplishes far more.


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