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OA+ 53- Jonathan Webb talks money + ministry + more

Jonathan Webb has no problem talking about money. He used to be afraid of it, because he didn’t have any. And he didn’t understand it.

Now, he realizes it’s an incredible tool.

Jonathan grew up in a “ministry” home where there wasn’t much of this tool. And, as he worked his way into adulthood, he found himself working jobs where, after the rent was paid, he had less than $2,000 to pay the power bill, buy groceries, and keep gas in the car… for a family of 5!

Becky, his wife, understood business. And knew money was a tool. She stumbled into Young Living, began sharing the oils, and reached out to some potential business builders she knew from her blogging world. They were all in and a business was birthed.

She hit Silver…

Then Gold…

And even though MOST people don’t “bring their husband home from work” at that point, for the Webbs it was time. At that rank she was making TWICE was JW was making at the nonprofit that had him globe-trotting, leaving her and the kids behind for weeks at a time.

Now, JW & BW do more ministry than they ever imagined possible…

  • JW serves on the board of their kids’ private school.
  • He’s the treasurer for their church (and advocates for pay the pastor better, so that he can focus on ministry instead of worrying about money).
  • They’ve both gotten involved with Wine 2 Water, a local nonprofit that has an amazing reach around the world.
  • They serve a team of thousands in their YL biz.

Again, money is a tool.

Some people neglect tools. Others use them for harm. Others use them for good.

Listen in… and learn.


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