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OA+ 55- Sarah Adamo dauntlessly explores the four colors (part 2 of 2)

If you haven’t listened to the previous talk with Sarah, press pause, and go back to episode #54 first ( There, she shares here story of walking into the Emergency Room with her husband, Jacob, and then walking out with his wedding band in her pocket just 11 days later…

During that season, Sarah’s influence exploded. People all over wanted to know what she needed, how they could help, and how she remained so steadfast and strong.

She goes back to the colors, the message her husband was- and remains- known for.

Turns out, we all a unique bent, a way of perceiving and relating to the world around us. Some of us are red (results), others are green (rationale, systems), many are blue (reason, why), and the MAJORITY group is yellow (42-48% are relaters who value people over progress, plans, and even purpose).

Here’s what that looks like-


Sarah reminds us of the “Master Key Questions” which Jacob identified for each color. That question has EVERYTHING to do with the drive just mentioned…

Reds want a goal.

Blues want a reason.

Greens require systems.

Yellows just want to connect with people.



Where does Sarah fit in? She’s a self-proclaimed RED and GREEN. That means…

First, she wants a goal to hit…


Second, she needs a plan.

Jacob was fond of saying something like this, “When your why is big enough, how doesn’t matter.”

In other words, when you connect with your purpose, you’ll find a way to make it happen…

Apply it to other areas of life, things we talk about regularly on the show…

  • If your reason for losing weight is big enough, you’ll figure out how to crush it.
  • If your reason for growing your business is compelling, you’ll make it happen… even working the long hours and pushing through the tough seasons.
  • If your reason for finishing the book, reconnecting with your kids, or pursuing another relationship has a BIG enough purpose… you’ll make it happen.



Sarah’s WHY is her “Magnificent 7,” the moniker given to her tribe of 7 young Adamos. So, her goal is to to continue building her business (RED), serving as a tool in the Lord’s hands… having a plan to manage it all (GREEN) in order to serve her family (the big WHY). So, she figures it out…

She endures…

Even when it’s tough. Even when she doesn’t feel like it. Even when it’s seemingly impossible.

Today, she communicates to build her business….

She communicates to build his…

She communicates to inspire others to continue putting one foot in front of the other, calling forth the greatness that’s inside of all people- regardless of what color they are.

By the way, as odd as it sounds, Jacob began studying the colors in order to help Sarah with communication!


Check this. Notice how each of the colors can work together to create the best possible outcome for everyone!

Jacob didn’t invent the “four colors.” But, he had a unique take on them, a special angle. Whereas other evaluate the colors to find THEIR personality, Jacob explored the colors as a means to empower people to connect with one another…

… to seek to understand one another so that they might communicate in deeper, richer ways, work together, and achieve a better outcome for everyone.

Take a look at what can happen when we live like that…

… turns out, connection works everywhere. In business. In family. In churches. In schools… everywhere you find the image bearers of the Divine.


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