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OA+ 58- Sean Dorsey finds freedom from addiction in the light

If you follow Sean Dorsey on social media, you know that he and his wife hit some business success… but he took the long road to get there…

Sean’s been completely honest about his journey through recovery, the fact that he attends AA meetings twice a week, and that YOU can reach out to him if you need help. Skeletons in the closet seem scary, but when you get them in the open… they collapse. The power is in the secrets; freedom is found in the light.

“My additions weren’t the issue,” Sean says. “They were just the symptoms. I had to go deep and get truly healthy.”

The turning point was over eight years ago. Sean’s sister, who had been clean for 8 years at that time, came to visit. One look at him and she told him he needed to get help right then.

“I looked pale… grey…” he recalls. “She knew that if I didn’t do something, then I would be dead… soon.”

Sean made his way to a detox and saw the fork in the road. In his words, there were people who were there in order to get just clean enough to go back to the streets and die… and there were people who were going to get healthy and truly live.

The problem he had was, well… he didn’t know how to live. He needed a complete reboot.

Addicts focus on themselves; image bearers of the Creator focus on others.

Addicts escape reality; image bearers lean in… and even do the hard things.

The journey led him towards personal growth…

“There are a lot of parallels between recovery and the business we’re now in,” he says. “For both, you’ve got to learn about relationships and you’ve got to move beyond fear.”

That growth led him to a complete change, and it transformed his family.

Their physical health looks different.

Their fiscal / financial outlook has radically changed.

Their mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being reached new levels, as well…

Sean’s been clean for 8-plus years, now, just like his sister was when she came to see him. So, I asked him, “Do you still see yourself as an addict or do you see that as the past…?”

I’ll let him share his answer via the recording…

… and I’ll let him provide you with his wisdom from the trenches on the next best step for you to take if you feel stuck.

In the end, we decided this: most people over-estimate what they can achieve in a single step YET- at the same time- they over-look the power of incremental change, of several small steps strung together…


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