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OA+ 59- Reuben Hartzler quit his job, renovated an RV, & cruised America with his family

You’ll love this conversation with Reuben Hartzler. He and his wife, Stacie, are Crown Diamonds in Young Living Essential Oils (see the Income Disclosure Statement below to understand just how amazing that is… and the life of freedom it affords you).

Almost 2 years ago, Reuben and his wife decided it was time to buy their dream home, the “forever” place where they would set down roots… the place their kids would bring the grandkids…

But it fell through.

That was in July. And, since the family had always wanted to travel, Reuben had a great idea- “Let’s buy and RV and drive around the U.S. for a few months.”

They planned to go for a year, making their way from Missouri towards the Northeast, then making a huge loop around the coast…

The trip got cut short, though.

“We got pregnant,” Reuben says. Then- “In the RV.”

Yep. A legit RV baby.

Along the way the Hartzler’s met friends and team members. And, even though they didn’t take the trip to “build the business” (it was about family, not about crushing it in biz), something astounding happened along the way…

They hit the next rank- proving, again, that you CAN live and work from anywhere… even if it’s on the road.

In this episode I also talk with Reuben about quitting his job as a football coach. That 9 months on the road was the first time he didn’t spend the Fall on the football field about three decades.

And it was the first time he didn’t hunt during the season…

And it was a time when he had to step back and really think, “Who am I?”

Take a listen. This is a story of a great journey with a lot of twists and turns… and, in the end, you see that each journey isn’t just external, some of the greatest parts of the journey are internal.


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