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OA+ 60- Scott Schuler rides for a reason

Scott Schuler USED to be a chiropractor. Now, he’s a natural health guy of a different-type. He and his wife, Brenda, are Royal Crown Diamonds (RCD) with Young Living Essential Oils (YL) (hear their story here:

A few years ago, back in 2016, one of Scott’s best friends (Randy) let him know that he was riding his motorcycle to the annual convention- from Minnesota to Salt Lake. Scott was bummed. He’d already purchased his plane ticket for that year, but vowed he wouldn’t miss another ride.

Fast forward to 2017. The two friends decide to cruise their Harleys from Minnesota, but have an idea…

“If we’re riding, we might as well have a reason for the ride.”

Then- “Let’s do a fundraiser for the place we’re riding to…”

Hence, the idea was born:

#1- Raise money for Young Living Foundation, and

#2- Name it “Ride for a Reason.”

That first year, the team collected donations of motorcycles, had 13 riders travel to convention with them, and generated $150,000 in donations- all of which went to the foundation.

The motorcycles were donated by the riders (some of which were ridden in, others shipped in), meaning the foundation had no outlay. In effect, the people who donated the bikes leveraged their purchases to make more $$$ for a worthy cause.

Scott reminds us that network marketing is all about leverage, which is exactly what they did…

Further, they didn’t just leverage money; they leveraged something they loved. In his words, “Leverage what you love to help others, and then you’re really on to something…”

Fast forward to 2018. The number of riders jumped to 52, this time coming from all over the US.

Chip Kouwe, one of the men who literally helped build the farms, donated his personal motorcycle (hear this story about farm-building here:

Chris Opfer (another RCD) tossed In the good kind of monkey wrench, donating a tricked out moped- enabling people who didn’t want to win a Harley to raffle for something else…

The audience got wider and wider…

And, even better, the donations… spiked to $1,040,000…

That’s a lot of leverage!

What’s on the deck for this year? A few things…

  • Scott & Brenda are contributing something that’s “unique,” “just one,” and has no other like it…
  • Chris Opfer is back with something new
  • The men’s group (Essentially Equipped / Advance guys) are putting another vehicle of some sort into the mix
  • In Scott’s words, “something special” is coming, too (hint: Gary's truck)

Heads up on the last one: We’ve got insider info on it, and you won’t want to miss it.

All of the donations from last year went to Hope for Justice. This year, people purchasing tickets get to choose the organization (through Young Living Foundation) they want to support. Nepal. Cambodia. Ecuador. Hope for Justice. Sole Hope. Healing Faith…

And… whereas you HAD TO BE AT CONVENTION last year in order to win… this year, the “transportation device” donated by the Schuler’s is open for anyone + anywhere + YL-involved-or-not. They’re hoping to reach a wider audience…

The goal? $2MM for this year.

The stretch goal? $2.5MM.

And, hit that second one… and Scott and Greg Larsen (Executive Director of YL Foundation) don the stage in white skinny jeans. We were hoping for haircuts, but… maybe in 2020.


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