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OA+ 66- Joseline & Gladys partnered with the OilyApp guys to create Spanish resources + more!

Joseline and Gladys are two “accidental” authors who created a massive wake of content in 2019— much of it for Spanish-speaking Young Living users…

It all started with Joseline taught a class (in Espanol) and had 15 people become new members. How was she going to educate them on how to walk this health journey? What resources would she share?

There weren’t many options, so she told Gladys, “We should write a book.”

Now, neither of them WANTED to right a book. It wasn’t on the bucket list or anything like that, but a book began to emerge…

… a beautiful, full color “101” book they developed in English as well.

Then the compliance department came. Turns out, you can’t just peddle Young Living images without proper clearance (we talk in the podcast why this is a good thing).

The gals reached out to Ernie, one of the founders of OilyApp, and— through many convos— a partnership was formed…

We chat about it here, as well as the translation process of all the OilyApp books in to Spanish, new video courses in Spanish, and the NEW PLANNERS (which come in Spanish and English).


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