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All essential oils aren't created equal (Essential Oils 101 #2)

education natural health Feb 17, 2020

Young Living controls their product from the moment the seed goes into the dirt until the goods arrive in your home.

This is important, because all oils aren’t the same. In fact, some oils aren’t oils at all.

In this talk we chat about three grades of essential oils…

#1- Novelty / recreational grade-

Is basically a liquid with a synthetic smell added. These are for entertainment value- or symbolism- only.

They are actually harmful as they are toxic (which is why your body reacts to the smell, often).

#2- Aromatherapy grade-

Have “fillers” that have been added to make them stretch and fill more bottles.

They simply do not work as well, so you may not actually get any benefit. This might lead you to think that “essential oils” don't work (when, really, you just used an inferior product).

#3- Therapeutic grade-

These are pure. If it doesn’t grow, you don’t get it.

Your body can make use of these, because they are natural and pure.

Tip- see the charts in the Essential Oils 101 book.

This leads us to a question: where do popular oils fit in to the grid above?

  • Bookstores and big box retailers = #1, novelty
  • Health food stores, other online retails = #2, aromatherapy grade
  • Young Living = #3, therapeutic grade

How does Young Living do it?

Quite simply, they control the product from seed to seal— from the moment it goes into the ground until the moment it lands on your front porch.



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