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Overcome “sealed kit syndrome” (Essential Oils 101 #3)

education natural health Feb 24, 2020

The easiest way to begin your essential oil journey is with Young Living’s Premium starter Kit. A diffuser, 12 of the most popular oils, and a combo of bonus items create the perfect jump-start!

The PSK includes 4 singles and 8 blends (first two columns). A single comes from one plant, and a blend comes from multiple plants. Since so many oils work so well together, for convenience Young Living bottles many of these for us. A bottle contains a single or a blend- but not both.

Of those 12 oils, 5 are Vitality oils (labeled for ingestion), 7 are regular oils. An oil is either a Vitality oil or it’s not. (Remember, Young Living produces some of the same oils- like Frankincense- in both a Vitality and a “regular” version.)

The PSK also comes with 2 servings of Young Living’s propriety Ningxia Red, as well as enough concentrated Thieves Household Cleaner to make a full bottle.


You’ve got to open the box.

Young Living guarantees the product with their Seed to Seal promise, but you’ve got to unseal it…

Young Living has a Seed to Seal promise. But, at some point, you’ve got to unseal the kit!

Sealed Kit Syndrome (SKS)- I’m capitalizing it, because it’s a thing- a “legit condition” people fall into. It’s unintentional, but it happens, right?

In this talk we’ll break down the 12 oils and help you overcome it…

Then, we’ll give you a “next best step” to become an essential oil ninja (or should it be Ningxia?) in just 21 days.



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