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Clean your house first (All Things Thieves #3)

all things thieves Mar 16, 2020

Keeping your family away from poisons inside of foods and personal care products and other things makes little-to-no sense if you cover environment with the harmful contents of those bottles.

You’ve got to focus on your internal health and your everyday environment for optimal results. One of the best places to begin is your own home.

If you're only focusing on what goes IN your body, you're doing it wrong. (Or, to say it more gently, you’re only getting part of the benefits you could be receiving.)

When we think about "health" we generally think about our bodies- what we eat (or don't eat), what we do (or don't do).

But, it's so much more.

Thieves essential oil is so powerful that Young Living has developed entire line of household AND personal products based on this must have oil.

It's so awesome that we believe the entire line is a "MUST HAVE." It's something we use every single day!.

Let me tell you something: what happens in your environment is as important to your health as what goes in your body.

After watching this video you'll understand why BOTH areas matter!.

And think about it like this, too…

We're all for taking care of the planet. We need long-term solutions AND immediate actions. It will require all of us working together to sustain this home for generations to come.

What if we took that same vigor and applied it to the one environment over which you have COMPLETE control and TOTAL autonomy- the one inside your four walls.

Yeah, start there!

In this talk Dr. Jim Bob explains how and why…

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