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The Ultimate Ditcheroo and Switcheroo (All Things Thieves #4)

all things thieves Mar 23, 2020

Here’s the goal: make the transition to chemical-free living without breaking your budget by ditching the toxins you currently buy and switching to healthier alternatives.

In this talk we’ll explain how.

Like personal care products. I read this past week that the average gal dumps 5 pounds of toxins in her body through the pores in her skin via make-up, lotion, and other daily usage items.

In other words, for all the talk about Monsanto and chem-free and everything else OUT THERE, you’re more likely to be contaminated inside your home than outside it!.


That’s the bad news. But, no worries... lickety split we'll give you some action steps you can take today to create a safe space where you and your loved ones can thrive!

Quite simply, your health AND your family’s health is too important. Lately, the news has been flooded with the number of toxins in some of the everyday items we use…

  • Scented candles are loaded with carcinogens (the same stuff in cigarettes).
  • Personal care products are chock full of debris that clogs pores, affects your libido, and even shuts down your immune system (and, remember, your skin is the largest organ you have AND it’s full of holes- anything that goes ON your skin goes IN you!).
  • Cleaning products… the ones we use to clean floors AND kitchen counters… are actually labeled as TOXIC. Yeah, the adults in our home eat of those counters and the kids, just being real, sometimes eat the stuff that falls on the floor (5-second rule in effect in our casa).
  • And why does kids’ toothpaste say “Harmful if swallowed” and have instructions to call poison control? Don’t they understand that this stuff is MADE to go in kids’ mouths?

So, if you’re up for it, I’ve got a challenge for you…

Go through your house… just ONE ROOM at a time…

See what you can find that’s toxic.

I’ll give you a clue. This one’s obvious. So obvious that you’ll never miss it again once you “see it.” Here it is…

If you CAN’T PRONOUNCE the name of the ingredient, it’s a chemical. If it’s a chemical, it’s harmful :-(

The solution: ditch it.


That’s it. DITCH the toxins; SWITCH to healthy alternatives.

In this talk we outline how the Thieves line equips you to do just that.


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