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Health only works as a lifestyle

essential rewards haelth Mar 30, 2020

A few months ago, I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with Ernie Yarbrough and a team of people from Hope for Justice and Young Living. When we returned, Ernie and I shot a video class for our OilyApp plus members (go to to learn more).

Ernie had so many profound takeaways on the final segment, where we discussed health as a lifestyle (neither one of us trained to climb the mountain— we were already in shape when the invite came to go) that I decided to drop the audio from that video here…

(You can watch the video of that climb or login and watch the entire video series on immune support and endurance exercise— to very-related concepts— at

Here’s one of the main ideas…

A lot of times we look at Young Living products with the approach of, “Oh, here’s a product I can use.”

Or even, “Here’s one I can get others to buy…”

However, it MIGHT be better to flip that script. Rather than looking at the product first, look for the result you want. Then, find the product to match that.

When we lead with the results we want, we not only build a path from where we are to where we want to go (health-wise), we also see that health is a total investment and radical way of life… one that should be the most normal way of life of all.

In this clip, too, we also discuss the importance of Essential Rewards, moving into products beyond those just for immune support, and other factors that determine overall health + wellness.

In this talk you'll probably pick up that Essential Rewards is central to this entire lifestyle for both of us…

Essential Rewards is the SECRET SAUCE to leverage all things Young Living, crush the Ditch & Switch, and live happily— or “healthily”— ever after.

We can't promise the "happily ever after," but we can point you to HEALTHILY EVER AFTER!

We've created a short eBook that equips you to:

1. Leverage Essential Rewards

2. Take advantage of YL Go

3. Make a super-simple, repeatable plan of what to buy "big box" and what to have shipped to your front door…

In the end, this will save you $$$ and help you look good + feel even better!

Download the free eBook at 

Again, watch the video of our entire Mt. Kilimanjaro climb at


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