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Adrenals = your first responders to every day’s challenges (Stress Shield, part 1)

stress shield Apr 06, 2020

Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton joined the OilyApp team just over a year ago. When he first partnered up, we released a two-part class on Stress. That meant we covered the Adrenals and the Thyroid.

(No worries if you don’t yet understand the importance of those— you’ll get a super-clear picture of them both after JB breaks it down for you.)

Let’s face it. No one is immune from stress. Or exempt from it. Or protected from it.

Even Jesus said, “Don’t worry about tomorrow… deal with today. Tomorrow will bring enough trouble of it’s own” (see Matthew 6:25f.).

The only thing you can do is armor up to increase your health when you face it.

In this episode of the podcast I’m going to share with you the audio from lesson 1— about the adrenals.

Your adrenals are your first responders to daily stress. Help them NOW and they'll help you when you need them the most!

If your adrenals get out of whack, you'll feel like you tired all day, yet you may find it hard to sleep at night! What a double-whammy. This teaching will help you get back in rhythm.

And, along the way, JB is going to mention the best oils & supplements for adrenal support.

By the way, look at the link in the notes— the PDF with the best products to use is available for download, totally free, at

I’ll be back next week with part 2 of this teaching.

For the videos OR the free PDF, remember to go to

You'll want to download this PDF and keep it somewhere for easy access. It lists the essential oils and supplements that JB referenced.

It's a great tool for your notebook, and incredible to share with friends or team members who may need the help of a Stress Shield themselves!

Let’s sign off with something JB often says, “Health is simple, but it’s not easy…”

He just broken it down so we can understand it— not let’s go walk It out.

Until next time…


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