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Health & Healing (Oils of the Bible, #2)

oils of the bible Apr 27, 2020

In part 2 of the Oils of the Bible course, I’m going to cover the following NINE points…

And, we’ll do it super-fast…

(By the way, if you love studying natural health AND the Bible, you’ll love this episode. If not, no worries… there will still be plenty of great historical takeaways here for you, too…)

  1. A few foundational concepts about healing, including it can happen instantly OR over time.
  2. Two important words to learn, both translated as “healing” in English (iaomai, therapeuo)
  3. Iaomai = instant, miracles (30 appearances)
  4. Therapeuo = teach how to be well, over time (40 times in the Bible)
  5.  Jesus did both (Matthew 8:15-16)
  6. Paul did both (Acts 28:7-9)
  7. Practical tips for what it means… is that “miracle or no miracle, healing can start now”
  8. Choose life, live well
  9. Lessons from what the disciples were sent out to do (Luke 10:9, 9:2, Matthew 10:8)

Let’s roll through them…


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Next week I’ll be back and we’ll take the convo a bit farther in the Oils of the Bible series.


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