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Quick Overview of Each of the Oils of Ancient Scripture (Oils of the Bible, #4)

oils of the bible May 11, 2020

In this episode we’ll conclude the Oils of the Bible series, and we’ll do so be referencing each of the oils one-by-one.

(As you move into this audio, think about what you need for your body.)

Note: there are TEN in Young Living’s kit, but we will review TWELVE… we’ll cover Galbanum and Spikenard, particularly b/c they are featured so often in the Scripture.

Here’s the run down, in alphabetical order…

  • Aloes (aka Sandalwood)-
  • Cassia-
  • Cedarwood-
  • Cypress-
  • Frankincense-
  • Galbanum (not in the kit, now, not currently available)-
  • Hyssop-
  • Myrrh-
  • Myrtle-
  • Onycha-
  • Rose of Sharon (aka Cistus)-
  • Spikenard-

Notice: we’ll cover ONE use for each of the above, as we see it in the Bible. The full script is available at https://www.oilyapp.com/plus.


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