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Three Secrets *They* Don't Want You to Know (Boost #3)

boost Jul 13, 2020

In this episode of the OilyApp podcast we discuss the three secrets you need to know— that the system (in all likelihood) doesn’t want you to know).

Here they are:

Secret #1 = You must own an invest (not be an employee or even self-employed) to get ahead.

We’ll use Robert Kiyosaki’s four quadrants (he’s the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad to show you how to do it).

Secret #2 = You CAN earn while you learn AND you CAN learn while you earn— even if you don’t have any experience in the industry.

Whereas going to college for 4 years, racking up $40K in debt, graduating with a chance to look for a job that you’ll work for 40 years is one way to do it (and note, all of the expenses are up front), you CAN get straight to work…

(Nothing against college at all, but if you thought that was the ONLY way to succeed, well… we’ll show you an alternative.)

Secret #3 = You CAN do all of this without selling people a bunch of stuff…

One of the biggest (and baddest) stereotypes people have about network marketing is that in order to succeed you’ll have to sell a whole bunch of things that—

1. People don’t want
2. People don’t need
3. People don’t know how to use
4. People won’t ever use

If that was true, that would mean that (just match the numbers below to the points above)—

1. You’ll have to push people to get the sell (because they don’t want what you have)
2. You’ll have a bunch of something people don’t typically want, thereby making it even more difficult to sell (they don’t know how to use it)
3. The product will have a high price point, requiring lots of convincing (people can’t afford it, so most of yours sells will be “pity purchases”)
4. You’ll have to continue finding new customers in order to keep the income stream coming (people buy once and are done, and they’ll likely hide form you the next time they see you coming)

What if there’s a better way?

We think there is…

And, at the end of this discusses, you’ll see that:

A) the best way (not the only way, but the best way) to escape the time-for-money tango is through network marketing.

B) the best way (not the only way, but the best way) to do network marketing is via Young Living.


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