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Ernie’s (Network Marketing) Story (Boost #4)

boost Jul 20, 2020

Over the past three weeks, we’ve published the Boost class to our OilyApp podcast feed. Our intent has been to show you that you can break free of the time-for-money tango and live differently…

The truth is that the current system isn’t set up for long-term success in a way that benefits most people…

In fact, thinking back to my season of 60-80 hour work weeks, I had done exactly what I had been trained (by society) to do from a young age:

* I graduated from college and graduate school (I have seven years of post-high school education)

* I wasn’t lazy— there was rarely a season in which I didn’t work at least two jobs

* I was doing “everything right”

* I wanted to spend more time with my family, but couldn’t (i.e., I didn’t have any hobbies outside of the house— didn’t have time for them)

* I liked my job, but I felt stuck in it— I would never be able to financially get ahead if I continued along that career path

* I left graduate school with $35,000 in student loan debt

* I was working in an area related to my education (so I couldn’t blame this on something like “if I could just get into my field of expertise…”)

I outline it all in the Boost book.

In this episode, Ernie takes center stage and talks about how he basically did the SAME thing…

Further, he honestly outlines his initial objections to network marketing and then discusses his entry— and their subsequent success.


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