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Why you feel out of sync (Healthy Hustle #1)

healthy hustle Jul 27, 2020

In this episode of the OilyApp podcast we shift gears from discussing business (like we did in the previous series) and move towards talking about real life…

And, we take on that word “hustle.”

It seems like everyone uses that word nowadays.

But should we hustle? And is hustle really the best way to view life?

In this talk we do two things to take us there…

First, we look at how the universe is wired!!

There’s a certain way things work, a way of “off” and “on” that’s built into the fabric of the universe.

Look at the Creation story, for instance…

Evening and morning… 

And look at when Adam & Eve are created, at the end of the 6th day… 

And then what they step into…

A rhythm of on and off. 

Second, we discuss why we step out of this rhythm- the cadence for which we were created.

Why don’t we pause, day-dream, take days off, rest… sleep longer…?

Because we strive. 

And why do we strive? 

Because our identity is often so wrapped in what we do.

In this talk we discuss what to do when you get out of sync— and we suggest a few oils to help./



For more info on this course, go to www.OilyApp.com/HealthyHustle 

For the Healthy Hustle book on Amazon, go to https://amzn.to/2DIGrX2  or for the Kindle, go to https://amzn.to/2DDYm0I 


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