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Hustle isn’t a four letter word, but… (Healthy Hustle #2)

healthy hustle Aug 03, 2020

In the previous episode of the podcast we talked about the “rhythm of Creation” and how life drops out of sync when we step away from our created design.

In this episode we talk about why we constantly fight against pausing, resting, and taking breaks…

That is, we get honey about why we don’t we stop, day-dream, take days off, rest… sleep longer…?

In a sentence, here it is…

We strive.

And why do we strive?

Because our identity is often so wrapped in what we do.

Think about the classic convo we have when we meet someone new. The first question we ask is generally this:

“What do you do?”

We wrap human value in how we earn money, the awards we receive, and other externals…

At On-site workshops they won’t let you discuss what you do for the entire week. You can’t even MENTION it. You’ve got to be you without the trappings of your position, title, or paycheck.

Now, hustling isn’t bad. We’re designed for it.

But, striving is…

In this talk we’ll help you discern the difference. And, we’ll talk about the best oils to move you back in balance in this area.


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