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Myths & Mistakes About Fitness (Fitness #1)

fitness Sep 14, 2020

As we roll into a new series (featuring our new partner / teammate at OilyApp, Johnny Williams), we discuss fitness…

Here’s our working framework…

👉 Fitness is a measure of your health in each area of your life— physical (body), mind & emotions (soul), and spirit.

I like that definition because it does a few things…

💥 It acknowledges that it’s TOTAL… fitness includes body, soul, and spirit (think about how effective it would be if you’re body was in shape but your emotions or mind was out of whack)

💥It focuses on HEALTH— not lifting a certain amount of weights, running a certain speed, or hitting a specific number on the scale….

That’s incredibly important as we launch into this discussion, because people often look at fitness as a number on a scale, the speed you can run a specific distance, or even how much weight you can lift.

But fitness, though it might include those digits, is so much more. It’s far more all-encompassing, extremely more inclusive of our total well-being.

In this episode of the OilyApp podcast, we’ll discuss some of the other myths related to fitness, as well as some of the mistakes we’ve each made…

A few of them are…

👉 Thinking you can out-run, out-exercise, out-anything a bad diet.

👉 Not taking nutrition seriously, even if the number on the numbers on the scale, bench press, etc., are good.

👉 Our constantly moving, always-on-the-go mentality. You’ve got to rest. You’ve got to let your body recover— physically and mentally and emotionally.

In this series opener, we talk all about it and set the course of the next few weeks.


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