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advance life planning Apr 19, 2021

We can live with intentionality— or by default. Turns out, a schedule routine is to your time what a budget is to your money. And, in the same way many people react adversely to budgets, so also do people whine at the notion of a plan…

In this talk- we do a few things…


First, we direct you to the Advance Planner (hardback, Moleskin-type).

You can purchase it or download the free PDF at www.OilyApp.com/FreePlannerPDF 


Second, we talk about the importance of mapping your life…

… and, instead of managing hours and minutes, stewarding dreams and vision.

Those are two very different concepts, two radically alternative approaches to your day(s).


Third, we offer you a tool to evaluate your experience.

It’s been said that experience is a good teacher…and it is.


EVALUATED experience is a great teacher…

When we free ourselves from the notion, that…

✅ Where you are isn’t who you are


✅ Where you are isn’t where you have to remain…

Then we’re ready to soar.


Fourth, finally, we discuss the power of automation- of setting some routines in motion in your life that take you to your desired outcome, intended destination, etc…

Besides, in the same way you can adjust a budget, you can always adjust a schedule. It’s not permanent.

And, in the same way money disappears if you don’t tell it where to go, so also does time… it just evaporates.


You’re too valuable, your dreams are too important, and there’s a wide world ahead for you…



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