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OA+ 41- Ernie Yarbrough talks momentum & says you're losing $$$ b/c of conflict on your team

Jan 03, 2019

Royal Crown Diamond Ernie Yarbrough talks about why you need momentum. Fresh off the "Momentum Project" he and Myra ran for their team, he discusses a few things that are IPAs... and a few things that aren't (IPA = Income Producing Activity).


1. Enrolling new members.

2. Getting people...

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OA+ 40- Uphill desires + downhill habits = ?

Dec 27, 2018

More reflections from GoPro 2018 (Eric Worre’s event in Las Vegas for Network Marketing Professionals). Here, I talk about some things leadership guru John Maxwell relayed to the audience.

First, he began by talking about intentionality- about living with design and purpose INSTEAD OF...

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39- Three (little expected) numbers to track if you’re serious about your biz

Dec 13, 2018

Here’s another recap of one of the incredible talks from Go Pro 2018, Eric Worre’s conference. If you’ve ever been to one, you know he delivers the goods- every single time.

In this rewind, I process some of the things he shared… specifically, about the numbers you...

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38- Eric Worre says you need influencers NOT momentum

Dec 06, 2018

Most of us look at a short list of things we think will guarantee our long-term success in network marketing- things like:

  • Breakthrough products
  • Customer support
  • Compensation plans
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Recognition
  • Rewards trips & other perks

Turns out, every successful company has...

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37- Jake Dempsey tells you what to track to grow your YL biz

Oct 20, 2016

Jake Dempsey has a gift for taking complex ideas and making them simple. He’s got an app, a book, and speaks a lot about Young Living’s compensation plan. 

He codes it, he dreams about it… he lives it. Literally.

I interviewed him for the podcast and had a few direct...

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35- David Trombly used natural health to kick cancer to the curb

Oct 06, 2016

You'll love this story- the true tale of how one guy who's not anti-medical actually walked out of sickness and into health by taking charge of what went into his body.

Notes updated on 07/03/2019- 

As you know, there are THOUSANDS of men and women who, every day, work full-time in order to...

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32- Verick Burchfield eats, sleeps, and advances

Sep 15, 2016

Twice a year, a group of men converge somewhere in a major city for the semi-annual Advance events- where guys are encouraged, equipped, and empowered to be better business leaders, better husbands, better fathers, and better men...

Here, one of the founders give us the run down.


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