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OA+ 42- Eric Walton created a leadership engine to grow your business

Jan 10, 2019

Eric Walton is a Maxwell-certified trainer who empowers people to build better downlines with their network marketing business. That means he’s been equipped by the premier leadership organization in the world AND he knows how to help you succeed.

I asked Eric to talk with me about his...

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OA+ 41- Ernie Yarbrough talks momentum & says you're losing $$$ b/c of conflict on your team

Jan 03, 2019

Royal Crown Diamond Ernie Yarbrough talks about why you need momentum. Fresh off the "Momentum Project" he and Myra ran for their team, he discusses a few things that are IPAs... and a few things that aren't (IPA = Income Producing Activity).


1. Enrolling new members.

2. Getting people...

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39- Three (little expected) numbers to track if you’re serious about your biz

Dec 13, 2018

Here’s another recap of one of the incredible talks from Go Pro 2018, Eric Worre’s conference. If you’ve ever been to one, you know he delivers the goods- every single time.

In this rewind, I process some of the things he shared… specifically, about the numbers you...

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38- Eric Worre says you need influencers NOT momentum

Dec 06, 2018

Most of us look at a short list of things we think will guarantee our long-term success in network marketing- things like:

  • Breakthrough products
  • Customer support
  • Compensation plans
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Recognition
  • Rewards trips & other perks

Turns out, every successful company has...

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29- Scott Schuler explains why you need to Man Up!

Aug 25, 2016

Scott Schuler believes that the one of the biggest issues in our culture is that men are too man-like; rather, it’s that they’re not man enough. Listen in as he takes you through his journey to authentic masculinity, as well as shares some tips from his business story.

Leads me to a...

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15- Jen Springer & Monty Moran live green to earn green

Apr 14, 2016

I think you might enjoy this episode of our podcast.

In this episode, I chat with Monty Moran and Jen Springer.

They've been involved with Young Living long before it was cool, and have more animals than my kids have Lego mini-figures. Almost :-)

Great tips here on a few things...


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