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Daily Tools for Emotional Freedom (Freedom #6)

Jun 22, 2020

In the final talk of our Claim Your Freedom series, we outline 3 more things you can do to assist your emotional health.

We’ll provide you with 3 tools which cost you virtually nothing (except minimal time + effort), but will sustain you for the long haul.

Remember, emotional wholeness...

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Moral Injury vs PTSD (Freedom #5)

Jun 15, 2020

In talk 5 of the Claim Your Freedom podcast series, we move from the oils and talk about other issues that effect our emotional wholeness.

Taking a cue from what we learned from veterans who were clinically diagnosed with PTSD, we discuss something surprising which medical professionals of...

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Freedom Release Kit (Freedom #4)

Jun 08, 2020

Use the Freedom Sleep kit for 30 days, followed by the Freedom Release kit.

Whereas one encourages your body, your mind, and your emotions to reset, the other enlivens you to move forward in heath and wholeness- letting go of the past and walking into your best future.

In a real sense,...

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Freedom Sleep Kit (Freedom #3)

Jun 01, 2020

Young Living created the Freedom Sleep kit to equip and empower you to do the tough work of slowing down to rest.

Containing four oils (Freedom, Aroma Sleep, Valor, and Inner Harmony), the collection helps you unwind.

It’s perfect for people who need the benefits of a good night’s...

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Rest is when you rebuild (Freedom #2)

May 25, 2020

The first thing to do when facing trials is to seek rest.

In particular, sleep is when our bodies and our souls recover. In the same way electronic devices sometimes need a hard reset, so also do we.

You’ve probably seen a toddler “go bananas.” Rather than scold them for being...

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Emotional health = for everyone (Freedom #1)

May 18, 2020

Everyone faces hard things. That’s right, everyone.

It’s almost a given that tough stuff will come. In fact, the wisest man who ever lived wrote, “There’s a time for everything… a time to weep and a time to dance, a time to laugh and a time to mourn”...

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