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OA+ 48- Jason Sapp & more about emotional health (2 of 2)

Feb 21, 2019

This talk picks up where episode 47 left off, so if you haven’t finished that one yet, go to and then come back!

Here, we get more practical than we did in the last discussion, talking about where people need to start if they need emotional health +...

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OA+ 47- Jason Sapp overcame PTSD & equips others to do it (1 of 2)

Feb 14, 2019

Jason Sapp spent two tours of duty in Iraq, came back with PTSD, and reaped a whirlwind of calamity. At one point he was hooked on multiple prescriptions (up to 14), had multiple affairs, and got divorced.

He almost became a stat- one of the 22 soldiers per day who take their own life (since...

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OA+ 44- Dr. Benjamin Perkus gets practical about emotional health (part 2 of 2)

Jan 24, 2019

Here’s the promised follow-up to Dr. Perkus’ (DP) story about the genesis of the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT).

Grab the 3 AFT oils (Frankincense + Lavender + Stress Away), because I’ve got a bonus for you at the end of this talk.

Before we get to that, you’ll learn...

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OA+ 43- Dr. Benjamin Perkus shares the story of the Aroma Freedom Technique

Jan 17, 2019

I’ll tell you from the beginning… this talk was so good that we had to split it in half. So, in part #1 I talk with Dr. Perkus (DP) about the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT), where it came from, and how it began meandering it’s way like magic through the Young Living world.


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