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Thyroid = might be the key to your hidden health issues (Stress Shield, part 2)

Apr 13, 2020

A lot of people spend years & buckets of money chasing health issues that are- get this- resolved by a healthy thyroid. Face it, the thyroid is responsible for hormone balance, your metabolism, and a whole lot more! 

Not sure where to go? Start here!

Again, along the way, JB is going to...

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Adrenals = your first responders to every day’s challenges (Stress Shield, part 1)

Apr 06, 2020

Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton joined the OilyApp team just over a year ago. When he first partnered up, we released a two-part class on Stress. That meant we covered the Adrenals and the Thyroid.

(No worries if you don’t yet understand the importance of those— you’ll get a super-clear...

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