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OA+ 57- Ryan McManus can turn $12 bucks into $6 million for Young Living Foundation

Apr 25, 2019

In 2019 Ryan McManus (a Young Living Diamond) became an ambassador for Young Living Foundation…

What do ambassadors do? Well, they try to:

  • Get the word out about the work of the foundation, as well as
  • Get others involved- show them how they can become connected

The foundation is the...

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5- Travis Ogden has a unique perspective

Feb 04, 2016

Wanted to let you know about this week's podcast (Did you know we've got one, now? It's still pretty new...).

This week's guest is YL's sushi-eating, Tesla-driving COO, Travis Ogden. A few weeks ago, I (Andy) was in Salt Lake, and was able to sit down on camera and chat with him a bit. As...

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