There's an ancient saying that goes like this: "The life is in the blood" (Leviticus 17:11).

Your blood transports oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. It empowers your cells to multiply and grow and use energy. The foods you eat... make their way into your blood. Want to feel better? Want to have more energy? The blood- the life- is a great place to start.


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In this 3-video series (total run time = 20 minutes) Dr. Jim Bob talks about the importance of Healthy Blood Sugar

JB reminds us that each body system is part of the whole. Everything’s connected. And it all flows through the blood in some way!

This one seems so obvious that people totally miss it!

Essential oils, supplements, health shakes, and the chem-free products we purchase from Young Living are simply PART of our overall health + wellness regimen. You can’t out-exercise, over-oil, or even toxic-free your way out of the stuff you put in your body everyday.

Sure, oils with bad food is better than oils with bad food with no oils, but… you get the point. The products you purchase are PART— and important part, for sure— of your routine.

Good food isn’t enough to get all of the nutrients your body needs…

So, supplement. That is, add to the good food that you eat.

In this video, JB outlines a few of the best YL products to use to balance your blood sugar, keeping it in a healthy range. He discusses options for snacks, for kids, and how to avoid binge-eating and afternoon crashes.

In the final video, JB outlines how to use essential oils to support your total health routine.

Rather than using the oils in isolation, and rather than just treating one part of the body, JB reminds us that we need to use the oils as a part of the whole… and we need to remember that each body system is part of the whole. Everything’s connected.

3 videos, 20-minute total time

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