Course 6 of The Body Workshop takes us to the system that most people believe is the most important parts of you— the cardiovascular system.

In this 4 video course (total run time = @ 27 minutes), Dr. Jim Bob will confirm some things you know about this part of your body, as well as challenge you with some new concepts— all to keep you healthy + strong.

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Your body is designed to work perfectly. Sure, it doesn’t always perform that way, but that’s how it was created.

Dr. Jim Bob empowers you to understand your cardiovascular system and offer it max support in in 4 x 7-minute videos!

Most people are surprised to discover what the #1 job of the heart— the centerpiece of this system— actually is.

In this video, JB outlines the various parts of this body system (you’ll be surprised at one of them), discusses how the parts work together, and more.

In video 2, we look at how the heart functions.

Did you know that the blood doesn’t just go into your heart from your body and then get pushed out, just to circulate through your body again? (It comes in, go out to the lungs, gets oxygenated, and then comes back in, before going on...)

You’ll learn 5 key items the heart pushes through the body, too, seeing that the heart isn’t just about “pumping” to keep you alive. Rather, it delivers the supplies your body needs, using your arteries and veins as its superhighway.

Of course, the heart doesn’t always work like it’s supposed to. In video 3, then, JB takes a look at some of common culprits.

Remember, one of our core ideas from course #1 is that every issue in the body can be reduced to toxins (too much bad) or deficiencies (not enough good).

In this 7-minute video you’ll discover those common culprits (most of the info will confirm what you already know to be true) and you’ll see the issues they’re causing, thereby helping you make targeted lifestyle adjustments.

In the final video, JB moves towards the best foods to support your heart (guaranteed, you’ll be surprised at some of the advice!), as well as the best supplements and essential oils.

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