Course 3 of The Body Workshop takes us into the digestive system. 

In this course, Dr. Jim Bob teaches you the three main roles of this body system, discover what happens with this system gets out of whack (and how to get it back on track), as well as the best nutrition + oils + supplements for full body support.


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The digestive system is one body system that expponentially affects all the others

Dr. Jim Bob empowers you to understand the what, the how, and everything else so that you can offer it max support in in 8 x 5-minute videos!

Your digestive system is “always on.” Whereas other parts of your body often take a break, this one is constantly moving nutrients to your organs and removing toxins from them.

Everyone wants to know where to start once they decide to shift to healthy living. What body system do they "clean up" first? This one is a great place to start.

We’ll loop back that chart we reference several times throughout The Body Workshop, the one about toxins and deficiencies and how all dis-ease in the body can be traced to one or the other

The most “obvious” function of your digestive system is to absorb food— and then eliminate what you don’t use.

You’ll learn the different pathways carbs, fats, and proteins take through your digestive system- and how that affects your health.

The digestive system comprises at lest 60-70% of your immune system. In other words, you can’t address one without affecting the other. They’re linked.

So, we want to make sure that our digestive system is, first of all, in working order. Then, we want to continue providing it with good fuel.

In this video you’ll learn how your digestive system works to keep the crud out, flushes the toxins that sneak through, and empowers the rest of your body.

Whereas the medical community once viewed everything that happens “from the head up” and distinctly different from everything “from the neck down,” we now know the opposite is true…

The neurotransmitter serotonin is largely produced (90% of it!) in the gut. And that’s just the beginning.

Your mental clarity, your decision-making capacity, and even your bandwidth for managing stress and relationships are connected to what’s happening in your gut.

In this video you’ll learn the 5 most common issues associated with gut un-health. Knowing these symptoms— and why they emerge— will empower you to move things back “up” in line when you move under the wellness line.

Remember, our approach is not to attack a symptom, but to learn how to read those symptoms so that we can support a body system.

Turns out, food is fuel… for your body.

Rather than eating empty calories or eating without intention, you’ll clearly see what your body needs— so that your digestive system can do those three main functions it has…

There are four ingredients you want to make sure you ingest regularly— if not daily. In this video you’ll learn which ones to make sure you supply your body with regularly.

In the seventh video of this course, Dr. Jim Bob outlines the best “go to” essential oils for digestive support.

Some will seem like easy, obvious “go to” products. Others, though, like the emotional support oils he references, will take you by surprise- in a pleasant way.

(And, you’ll see the inverse relationship between stress and immune support— and learn how the digestive system helps or hinders each.)

The final video includes several tips on the best supplements to take, as well as some insights into the various subsets of supplements Young Living offers (i.e., the -zymes, the targeted nutrition, and more!).


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