In course 5 of The Body Workshop we take a deeper look at the system responsible for hormone production, as well as much of the regulation of your body’s “hard drive.”

If you’ve struggled with a wonky metabolism, tiredness and irritability, or even body temp regulation you might want to look here.

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Your body is designed to work perfectly. Sure, it doesn’t always perform that way, but that’s how it was created.

Dr. Jim Bob empowers you to understand your endocrine system and offer it max support in in 4 x 7-minute videos!

In the first video, Dr. Jim Bob walks you through the endocrine system— he talks about what it does, what it doesn’t do, and more.

You’ll discover that most of our body systems are incredibly integrated with one another (i.e., blood pressure issues can be affected by what happens in this system, as much as they can be with what occurs in the cardiovascular system).

You’ll also, once again, see the importance of looking at your entire body... and then look at the systems... rather than chasing symptoms.

In video 2, put all the pieces of the system together. We look at the hypothalamus (surprise, what happens in the brain— nervous system— affects this one). Then we discuss the pituitary gland (both anterior and posterior), as well as the thyroid, the adrenal glands, and even the pineal.

If you liked our Stress Shield class, you’ll enjoy this addition to your library. This helps you see the bigger picture of the endocrine system and overall hormone production, including handling stress + more.

Of course, like all body systems, things can go wrong.

In video 3, JB walks you through some of the common issues associated with the pituitary (which he likens to the “air traffic controller” of the communication pathways in your body), the adrenals (stress, weight gain, headaches, sexual performance issues), the thyroid (underactive, overactive, and autoimmune responses).

In the final video of this 4-part series (total run time = @ 26 minutes), we discuss 5 lifestyle supports for the endocrine system.

These include— like always— movement, quality foods, and regulating stress. Then we go farther and look at the best supplements and oils to support this system.

(By now, too, you’ll notice a few common supplements which make the list for MOST body systems, seeing how— really— you can walk in total health with just a few tweaks.)


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