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Some background info on Forward.

This January 8, we hosted a live, 5-hour virtual event...

... and learn how to make a plan (even if you hate the idea of goal setting, or aren't sure where to even start!) to insure 2021 is better than 2020!

No worries, the info is timeless, so you're free to watch + rewatch as many times as you'd like...

(And, we have all 34 sessions separated, individually, so you can scroll back and forth to the talks which matter the most to where you are in this season of transition and transformation.) 


Forward was created with busy people in mind-- with people who have a lot to juggle and not much time to do it.

In just 5 hours we offer

🚌 5 TED-style talks-- all geared around designing the life you want to live.

🚌 34 total talks by leaders sharing what's working for them in the day-to-day grind of uncertain seasons and shifts.

You'll leave this online workshop with planning + productivity + passion-identifying tools you can put to immediate use-- that day.

We use some of the brightest minds to relay the info...

Best of all, you can watch + rewatch as many times as you'd like, scrolling back to the parts that matter the most (or the places you missed when you had to tend to the other stuff happening in your house!).

Speaker line up!

We rallied an all-star cast to deliver the goods! With a mix of entrepreneurs, athletes, biz builders, authors, social media experts, & more... it's all organized in the online resource center!

Event begins promptly at 9:00am (all times listed = CST):

Approximate on camera times for Friday are...

  • Brian Friedl, Diamond leader + life coach- 9:29am
  • Daniel + Leah Espy, Diamond leaders and business start-up pros- 10:01am
  • Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton, Crown Diamond, Chiropractor by training, and everyone on the Internet guy- 10:14am, 12:13pm, 1:53pm
  • Bec Kinderman, Diamond leader + social media / Instagram pro- 10:41am
  • Ryan McManus, Diamond Leader + Young Living- 10:44am
  • Kelli Fras, Diamond leader + wife & mom, juggling all the things- 11:17am
  • Becky Webb, Royal Crown Diamond, busy wife + mom, and still juggling it all really well- 11:25am
  • Melissa Poepping, Royal Crown Diamond + owner of 5 businesses between her & her husband- 11:27am
  • Ernie Yarbrough, Royal Crown Diamond + web developer- 11:50am + hosting entire event
  • Katie Giordano, Diamond leader- 12:11pm
  • Tricia Gilchrist, Diamond leader- 12:31pm
  • Jodie Meschuk, Royal Crown Diamond leader & natural health pro- 12:33pm
  • Chris Hauser, Royal Crown Diamond, dream car-builder + soon-to-be-dunker- 1:05pm
  • Chris Opfer, Royal Crown Diamond + DA of the year and more- 1:12pm
  • Susan Heid, Diamond leader + blogger + sold the house and traveling the country in an RV- 1:42pm

Frequently Asked Questions

This online event was filmed 9am on Friday, January 8, 2021, at 9am CST. 

The event concluded at 2pm CST.

You'll be watching the replay.

Andy Jenkins & Ernie Yarbrough will host the event. 

Dr. Jim Bob will drop a TON of product knowledge, and...

15+ other Diamond+ leaders will be onboard as well. We look forward to releasing their names throughout the month of December.

The list of speakers is above.

No. You already have access to the replay in your resource center.

Your ticket includes access to watch + rewatch as many times as you'd like. Each of the videos is archived in the online library on our website.

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Think of Forward as goal setting for people who hate the idea of goal setting, but know they oughta do something to make a plan.

And if you don't like the word "goal" unless it's used in a soccer match or basketball game, just think of this as writing the story you want for 2021.

Catch the replay here!

Stream from any + all of your devices, using your email + password you create at checkout!

Purchase access here! Existing ticket holders, login to the resource center here!

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