System Foundations launches a new series from Dr. Jim Bob- all built around the body.

In this intro course, he--

  • discusses a few of our core assumptions about the body's design
  • outlines the basics we've got to get right in order to offer over-all body support
  • introduces you to the body's core four needs


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Your body is designed to work perfectly. Sure, it doesn’t always perform that way, but that’s how it was created.

Dr. Jim Bob outlines System Foundations in 3 x 15-minute videos

When things go wonky, we’ve got two choices. 

Option 1 = we can chase symptoms. When we do that, though, we never get to the deeper issue an find out what’s really happening. You see, symptoms are simply signs— signifiers to alert us to something that’s gotten off-base in our overall system. 

Option 2 = rather than killing the symptom, that precious sign that is our guide, we can feed the system that needs support. In other words, rather than punishing bad function we want to power-up even better function.

If you talk to most people about their health, it won’t take long before you hear a “war story,” something that’s gone awry, some symptom that someone’s launched an all-out assault against.

We want to take a different approach.

Battling against your body isn’t the best course of action, anyway (remember, we want to support systems not slaughter symptoms). And, most of the time, if we go back to the basics, we discover that some of the help our body needs is… well… foundational.

When architects and engineers design— and then construct— buildings, they always begin with the foundation. In fact, they spend as much time there as they do on the entire remaining edifice. Well, in the same way a building needs a strong foundation to support its structure, so also do we.

Large protocols for specific body systems may leave you… frustrated. You might find yourself playing “whack-a-mole.”

What if you could step back and look at the bigger picture?

After getting a grasp on (and implementing) the basics, it’s time to supply your body with the raw material it needs to build. Here we’ll outline the core four needs.

In the same way you’ve got to build a house before you can paint the walls and hang the curtains, you’ve got to build a strong structure for your body to thrive.

(And, remember, it’s been designed perfectly— so when we offer our body the nutrients it needs and remove the toxins it doesn’t, things begin working better.)


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