Confused about which products to try first, where to learn more?

Launch is a bit different than the other “books you’ll actually read” we’ve released. Whereas most of our previous books try to teach you about the products, this book provides you with a map to navigate your way through those products.

The world of essential oils and natural health can be, well, overwhelming. There’s so much information out there— in the form of printed pages, websites, and even smartphone apps.

Where do you begin?

And then where do you go from there?

And where are we even going?

You might feel— like us— that you could use a proven strategy to help you get “lift off” in this new essential oil habit. Whether you’re looking to boost your health or even take a look at the biz opportunity, we’ve got you covered.

Best of all, the Launch 72-page (color) eBook is FREE!

Launch is your map to move from here to there, from starter kit to success (whatever success is to you!), using simple steps that have worked for others and will— guaranteed— work for you, too.

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