You're designed to be well- and to live well!

Let's be real- there are amazing things you're destined to do. You know it. You feel it.  We'll show you how to walk in health- and even experience healing- so you can be / do everything you're created for!


This book explores natural health, supernatural healing, and the Oils of Ancient Scripture collection.

After reviewing this 80 page eBook you'll understand how it all fits together. And, you'll be better resourced to encourage, equip, and empower yourself-- or others you know-- in their journey towards health + healing.


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Essential oils aren't new. They've been around for centuries. In this book we outline the sacred spaces we see them in history, we take an honest look at science, and we get practical. You'lll see that supernatural healing & natural health complement each other.









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Healing existed before "The Fall" AND healing happens in Heaven. Health is how things began & is your destiny!

Using the Oils of Ancient Scripture as the centerpiece, this short book is based on a longer workshop, The Healing Workshop, all built around several concepts:

1. We were designed for health

2. Natural health and supernatural healing aren't at odds- we can pursue both!

3. If a miracle happens, we want to make healthy choices afterwards, stewarding what we've been gifted

4. If a miracle delays, we can still make healthy choices and walk towards healing!

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If you can remember these three words, you've got it!

THINK = Foundation

Belief / faith- deals with the important concepts of believing the right things about our Father, about healing, and about faith. This is, really, the starting point.

TOUCH = Expression

Expression- of sharing His heart with others, even without using words. In this section we will talk about the practical steps used for healing in the Bible.

TELL = Declaration

Communication- touching the entire person (body, soul, and spirit), carrying the presence and power of the kingdom with you, and focusing on what is right and pure…

The result? You'll have ample "hooks"- think, touch, tell- to hang all the concepts I teach you about health + healing!

14+ videos you can watch + re-watch (with the accompanying workbook) will empower you with the simple tools that have worked for others- for centuries- and will work for you!

We'll start with THE BIG IDEA- the concept of healing in general and how YOU and I were grafted into this story!

In this video I'll give you some of my own story- about how I walked into this "healing" thing... and, I'll give you the reason I started writing again (in all honesty, I had taken a break from it to focus on other things- this project seemingly came from "nowhere").

As I studied this "healing + health" thing, I noticed something peculiar: we make it a LOT more complex that it has to be... 

In Genesis 1 we read that God gave us every seed bearing plant for food (Genesis 1:29). The word for food in Hebrew is oklah- and means "foods and medicines" or "foods and items for healing." In other words, God gave healing before sin ever entered the equation.


Some people say He knew, in His wisdom, that we would sin and that we would need healing. So, He planned ahead of schedule so things would be ready.

However, we also find healing in Heaven:

  • In Revelation, John tells us that the leaves of the Tree of Life are for the healing of the nations (Revelation 22:2).
  • Ezekiel saw the same image as John and said the fruit of that tree is for food- and its leaves are for healing (Ezekiel 47:12).

In other words, you were created for this! Health + healing is our natural state- not something we're striving to attain!

OK- so to be clear: when I talk about "healing" I'm talking about something God does. And when I talk about "health" I'm talking about choices we make!

This concept is so fundamental to what I learned about health + healing, that I actually take an entire lesson to talk about WHY this is true. Trust me, this one will empower you! 


From there, we'll learn about the most powerful force in the universe... 

Scientists say it is.

And if you notice how often Jesus went out of His way to DO this one, you could argue that he thought it was pretty important, too.

You see, the second habit we study is "touch." Incredibly, this is actually one of the most powerful habits- and one of the most overlooked. Scientists and doctors are discovering, now, that humans are actually wired for touch. We can communicate with touch. Teams that are "touchier" (i.e., sports teams that give high fives, fist bumps, etc.), rally together better...

... there's something amazing about touch.

Now, the elephant in the room. The laying on of hands + anointing with oils thing. 

I'll show you how this theme is threaded throughout the Bible- and throughout history. And, you'll see that this is something Jesus taught- and empowered- the disciples to do. 

In fact, you see this one in the Bible far more than we see baptism + communion combined. So, we'll take some time and untangle it. 

(And, we'll talk about whether or not it's just symbolic or if it's legit!)

As I studied the concept of healing more & more, I was blown away by the power of words. 

And, at some point we must use those words to set a new reality into motion!

True healing focuses on the entire person. Not just the body. And not just the spirit, either. So, as we begin praying and declaring truth over your situation- or anyone else's- we want to remember that true healing isn't limited to the body. True healing effects all of life. 

In fact, true healing may begin in the mind or spirit and then, finally, manifest in the body! And it's often tied to the words we declare!

The starting point for taking healing + health to others is yourself. In fact, even greater than the things that will be done through you are the incredible things that are going to be done to you and for you.

If you have hang-ups or doubts about the goodness of God (think right about God, habit 1) or faith or healing... then dig in and find out what your issues are...

If you are unsure about the relationship between Scripture and "new age" oils (which, really, are extremly old!), then explore the reasons why. Ask questions... 

Finally, after moving through hangups, doubts, and question marks, I'll outline a simple healing model you can use for anyone in any situation- and get results!

The goal is for this to be easy... natural... for it simply to be an overflow of who you are. You carry the presence and the power of the Kingdom with you, so this one taps into the true you and the power of Heaven all at once!

Healing + Health is more accessible that you may have dreamed possible.

You'll learn that it doesn't always require a miracle! (In fact, you'll see that Jesus healing with AND without miracles, as did the disciples.)

That's right. You'll learn truths backed by SCIENCE + SCRIPTURE + CENTURIES of time...

2 bonuses will help you go farther, faster, too!

1. The 20,000 foot, 40-minute fly-over. Get a quick glimpse of the "bigger picture" 

One Sunday morning I taught these concepts at a church. I condensed 7 hours of workshop material into a 40-minute talk I gave on a Sunday morning.

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