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You feel— like us— that you could use a proven strategy to help you get “lift off” in this new essential oil habit. Whether you’re looking to boost your health or even take a look at the biz opportunity, we’ve got you covered.

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Launch is your map to move from here to there, using simple steps that have worked for others and will— guaranteed- work for you, too.

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Here’s where the fun begins…

This is the most structured week of all, as there’s some foundational info we want to get to you.

Depending on which kit you purchased (generally, people grab the PSK essential oils kit or the Thieves option), we’ll steer you towards a few educational resources (you can read, watch, or listen!), and we’ll make sure you get connected with the right people lickety-split!

Let’s go back online!

This week you’ll discover the radical program Young Living has that gives you free products every month while ALSO letting you stack points you can use towards more FREE items (of your choice) in the future. Yes, we’re talking Essential Rewards, YL’s optional frequent buyer program.

We’ll provide you with some free resources that show you how this program is different than all others, and how to leverage it to maximize your budget and elevate your family’s health.

If you’re around the wonderful world of Young Living for any time at all, you’ll hear this term….

“Ditch and Switch.”

Quite simply, it means this: REMOVE the toxins from your home (that is, ditch them) and IMPROVE the quality of your health by switching to healthier alternatives.

No worries, we’ll show you how to use “budget dollars” for this, too— and may even SAVE you money in the process.

You probably said you weren’t interested in this, but…

… you do, at least, owe it to yourself to take a look at what’s available.

Young Living has grown steadily over the past 25+ years (we’ll beyond the life-expectancy of a network-marketing company / home-based business) because of it’s passion for quality products.

That means you get the best stuff on the planet delivered straight to you, regardless of what you choose to do with the biz opportunity (which, again, is always optional).

But, if you’re looking for extra spending money, hoping to add to your family’s bottom line, searching for a way to give back to others… then this might be your golden ticket.

This ain’t no “one and done”— it’s a lifestyle.

In this video— and in the tools we share with you— we’ll show you what to order NEXT, now that you’ve begun using (and reaping the benefits of) your first kit.

You’ll hear us say something like this over and over: “Health only works as a lifestyle.”

So, we’ll provide you with a few steps to begin that journey to more + better.


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Most great ideas fail… because there’s no plan…

The IDEA of health is fabulous. And the GOAL of ditching toxins and switching to healthier alternatives is honorable…

But, it’s easier— and totally doable over the long-term— if you have a plan to implement it.

In this video (and in this week of study), we’ll show you what WE do, toss out a few options for you to check for yourself, and provide you with a launch pad to craft your own strategy.

The people are as good as the products…

One of the greatest assets Young Living has is the people to whom you are connected via this network of essential oil users.

Throughout this week (and video) we’ll show you how to connect with your upline (no worries if you don’t know what that is), how to learn more through Facebook groups, and where to find resources.

Your probably already doing something you love, and you might be surprised to learn that essential oils can enhance that thing….

This week we have a simple challenge for you: Choose one area you would like to learn more about. This should be ideally be something you already do (i.e., fitness, pets, etc.) or something you want to do (i.e., lose weight).

We’ll show you a few options and then provide you with a way to integrate essential oil + oil-infused products into that area of life.

Don’t turn your feeds into an infomercial.

No, seriously.

People do it (you’ve probably seen it), and it can be frustrating…

So, we’ll show you how to tip-toe the line of making SURE you share your love of the products with others while ALSO not being “that guy” that walks around with an MLM megaphone in his hand.

This video is super-important if you’re doing— or even checking into— the business side.

The end of the beginning, and the beginning of the next chapter…

Now, it’s your time to “choose your own adventure” and integrate your essential oils + oil-infused products into your life for the long haul.

In this video, we’ll show you how to pull together everything you’ve been learning and keep this good thing moving forward.


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