Many of us hate goal setting, but we know we should do it. That is, living with intentionality is better than “doing random” or just “going with the flow.”

But maybe there’s something about how we’re often taught to set goals that unsettles us moreso than the idea of goal setting itself.

In this video series, we’ll break it down and offer you another way to look at things, empowering you to move from where you are to where you’re designed to be.

If you think goals belong on basketball courts or are something to be celebrated in a soccer match, then you're at the right place!

Our course is perfect for people who know they should set goals but just can't figure out how to "make themselves" jump up and do it!

In talk #1 we learn that there’s a certain rhythm to Creation- a way things just “work.” Specifically, the universe runs on rest, on intentional bursts of on and then “off.”

Anxiety and identity issues keep us from taking this much-needed reset (we need it daily, weekly, and even annually). The result is that our bodies don’t rebuild physically, we don’t reset mentally, and we don’t regulate very well emotionally.

When we step into the intentional rhythm of Creation, we live from a a different center.

Furthermore, we begin to see a blur between what is truly sacred and what is secular. That is, we discover that any activity can be holy and set apart for supernatural use. This frees us to stewards the gifts and time and calling that we’ve been given.

In talk #2 we discuss the soundtrack which plays in our heads.

You see, we’ll live from the story that’s playing there moreso than any other thing. Whereas many of us are quick to “shut up” someone who speaks against us, we need to learn to manage our own negative self-talk as well.

This doesn’t mean we deny reality or cease being honest with ourselves. Rather, it acknowledges that our thoughts— and our mindset— are important factors in how we live.

Many times, we react negatively to our circumstances because they seem mundane. We compare our “normal” with other people’s “highs.”

But, when we look at reality, we see that the supernatural most often happens amidst the ordinary. Understanding this frees us to embrace the small blessings of everyday life— and even plan for them.

Wherever we focus our time + energy will grow— for good or bad. So, it’s important that we focus on the things we want to grow.

In talk #3 we dive deep into the law of the harvest, that is, sowing and reaping. And, we see that it works in every area of life. We always reap: what we see, where we sow it, in greater measure than we sow, and after we sow…

And, though we cannot control the harvest (like a farmer), we can manage the cultivation process. We can faithfully do the work set before us, even the unglamorous and simple…

Small actions doing regularly, over time, have incredible results. So, we should never underestimate the power of simply showing up with our best selves and faithfull tending to our field.

In the final talk we discuss time management— and the reality of tradeoffs.

We’ve got to be honest with ourselves; we can’t do everything.

And, a yes to one thing is most often a no to something else (and vice versa— a no now empowers us to say yes later).

We shouldn’t see this as restrictive, but as freeing…

… so freeing that we actually place things on our calendar.

You see, our calendar reflects our stewardship of our most valuable currency, time. In the same way our bank statements reveal what we value, so also do our day planners.

So, if it’s important, protect it… budget it… steward it.


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