Course 4 of The Body Workshop moves us to the nervous system.

You'll learn the three main features and role of this body system, discover what happens with this system gets out of whack (and how to get it back on track).

In 7 videos (total run time = @ 45 minutes) you’ll discover how to keep this body system strong.


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Your body is designed to work perfectly. Sure, it doesn’t always perform that way, but that’s how it was created.

Dr. Jim Bob empowers you to understand your nervous system and offer it max support in in 7 x 5-minute videos!

In the first video, Dr. Jim Bob outlines the parts of the nervous system, showing you how everything fits together from the top of your brain, through the spinal cord, onto the nervous, and throughout the neurotransmitters in your body.

You’ll learn that many of our responses are conscious (we choose them) and many are unconscious (they just happen). And, you’ll discover a few tips on how to adjust some of the unconscious stuff that needs to change.

In video 2 we talk about the importance of the nervous system, as well as its two main functions.

You’ll see the close connection between the nervous system and the immune system (Remember the “castle analogy” and how different layers of protection armor up to create a barrier around the king? In your body, the nervous system is the king— it’s the one system being protected the most fiercely.)

Both parts of the brain are important. We need them BOTH to live in balance.

Sure, some people tend to be more creative (right brain) and others tend to be more logical (left brain).

But those are radical oversimplifications of how we really function.

When we’re facing hard situations, stress, or a janky season, we can support the “needed” side of the brain to help manage life. You’ll learn how in this video.

Of course, we want to understand what happens when this system doesn’t function at optimal condition— all so we can identify the symptoms in our body and then recognize that this SYSTEM is the one that needs extra support.

(Tip: you’ll be shocked at how much the foods you eat matter to this facet of health.)

In video 5, we outline the things you need to DO in order to support this system...

Sure, diet is one...

But, we also need to de-stress as much as we can. And, whereas we CANNOT always control the stressors in our lives, we CAN do specific things each day to give our body extra ammo to fight them (i.e., movement, sleep / rest / detoxing your environment both physically and emotionally).

The sixth video includes several tips on the best supplements to take, as well as some insights into the various subsets of supplements Young Living offers.

Listen closely, as you’ll see how the digestive system is incredibly connected to the nervous system— so much so that many people refer to the gut as the “second brain.” This affects the supplements we take in this area!

In the final video of this course, Dr. Jim Bob outlines the best “go to” essential oils for nervous system support.

Some will seem like easy, obvious “go to” products. Others, though, will take you by surprise- in a pleasant way.


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