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About a year ago, one of my girls played in a volleyball tournament. One of the gals running the tourney invited me to set up a vendor booth at the event...

I'd never done it before, but thought it would be a great time to try. After all, I was going to be there all weekend. So, why not give it a whirl.

I decided to lead with the Premium Starter Kit. So, I set a few on the table, tossed a few "flip kits" under the table, and rolled with it...

I made a graphic that showed people how to use the PSK for their young athletes. Here's why...

First, the PSK is the intro into Young Living. No sense in selling a single oil. Get them started...

Second, the PSK makes sense for athletes, b/c it makes sense for everyone... 

When you're an athlete, your body needs MORE support than the average guy or gal...

Think about it. You push your respiratory system to the limits, you move your muscles and bones far beyond their limits, you do things that most people just can't do. 


Let's take care of that awesome machine that you are. And let's do it without toxins and chemicals, and let's keep it fine-tuned and in tip-top shape so that you can go longer, stronger.

That said, a few people asked, "WHAT IF I'M NOT AN ATHLETE?"

"No worries," I told them. "This works the same for everyone..."

I covered the title of the graphic I made and showed them that THIS could be the Starter Kit for Everyone...

  • Working Moms
  • Stay-at-Home Dads
  • CEOs
  • Soccer Moms
  • Grandparents
  • People with too much going on
  • Young kids going to elementary school
  • Dads working two jobs

That is, this works for anyone in any situation. Everyone has bones, every body breathes, everyone sleeps... 

Now, Young Living has updated the PSK since that tourney... but, you can make the swaps and see EXACTLY how to apply this.

(By the way, I made this video in order to send to people who came by my table. I sold a lot on the spot, I sold some after they came back to the table after receiving a text message with my graphic in it... it was an EXTREMELY successful event for us. In fact, the event was in January, and our paycheck for that month out-performed the paycheck we received for the month of December. Not bad for the time when business usually bottoms out, right?!)


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