The reproductive system is one of the body systems with which many people struggle. As sexuality is so tied to our identity, and as intimacy is a human desire, this is an area where many people find… well… challenges.  

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Your body is designed to work perfectly. Sure, it doesn’t always perform that way, but that’s how it was created.

Dr. Jim Bob empowers you to understand this system with 5 videos, 17 minutes approximate run time

In this first video, Dr. Jim Bob outlines some of the key functions of the reproductive system.

We all know about the first (to “reproduce” / bare children), but this system functions well before the child-bearing years AND it continues in operation even after. This system plays a role in energy, growth, mood, immune support, and more.

As such, this system not only includes the reproductive organs, but it’s closely related to your hormones (no surprises there) and the endocrine system.

Issues in this body system manifest in several ways…

👉 Growth— too much or too little.

👉 Infertility— this is the most common issue related to this system.

👉 Impotence— including lack of ability physically and/or lack of sex drive.

(Remember, this system is highly linked to your hormones, so Dr. Jim Bob tackles all of this in video 2.)

There are no surprises in the “lifestyle” department.

❌ Less sugar

✅ More protein

✅ More fruits and vegetables

✅ More good fats


⭐️ Movement— your body needs exercise.

Essential oil-infused supplements help your body better absorb the supplements (that is, the nutrients you “add to” a healthy diet). The oils enhance the bio-availability of what you taken, insuring your body gets the maximum effect it can.

In this video, JB outlines the best supplements with which to begin.

Finally, Dr. Jim Bob highlights the best oils to support the reproductive system. You’ll notice that many of them are helpful for hormone support.

Among others, he recommends—

✅ Idaho Blue Spruce for men

✅ Progessence Plus for women

Further, he points to the need for emotional health in this area and also recommends emotional oils.


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