There are two groups of people in your Downline-

✅ product users

✅ business builders

Understanding the role that both groups play shows you how to educate each of them, for they all need to be educated in a different way. In fact, you’re paid differently for each group.

Sound strange? 

Maybe-- but we think we're onto something that will revolutionize how you look at your organization.

In this 6-part series we break it all down!

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If you've ever thought, "I just need a few more business builders" to grow a great biz...

... then we want you to take a super-close look at this series. Fact is, you probably need a lot less of them than you think.

There are two different groups in your Downline.

At least.

It’s helpful when you realize that you have both business builders and product users throughout your organization, because the way you interact with both of them is somewhat different.

If you're a business builder, you probably want more business builders. You're drawn to them.

In fact, everyone gets super-excited when they identify someone on their team who “wants to do the biz.”

Let’s face it, though: in order to grow a great business, you need far more product users than biz builders.

To grow a great business you need a massive army of product users- not a massive army of business builders.

In fact, here’s the oddity, even business builders must be product users or they’re not going to be able to grow a very profitable business…

The good news is this: most people come to Young Living for the products- not to run the business.

The bad news is… well… you may tend to overlook all of them (the vast majority of your team) if you only go looking for business builders. In this video we break it down…

In this video we actually sketch the same organization- and look at it through both lenses, identifying business builders from product users. If you can look at your actual downline in this same way, it will show you where to invest your time and how to help each of these people in the best way possible.

How so?

Because product users don’t need business training. It’s a waste of time.

Business builders need product training and business training. Both.

Identifying who’s who helps you see where to focus. And that’s what amplifies your efforts all while saving time and energy.

As we continue building our theory that you need to identify both groups in your Downline, we add another layer to it. Namely this: you’re paid different ways for both groups.

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, let us tell you this: Young Living doesn’t spell it out like this in the compensation plan. So, this is just our theory. But, we want you to see if it makes sense to you, because wethink it will continue to help you see where to focus your efforts…

In the previous video, we hypothesized that Young Living pays you the Fast Start Bonus, the Start Living Bonus, and the Unilevel Commission largely for your efforts with product users.

In this short video post we push it a bit farther: Young Living pays the Generation Shares and Generation Commissions for your efforts with business builders.

Think about it.

Then, remember… the way to earn these final two payments is by 1) you ranking Silver & higher, as well as 2) having people rank below you at Silver & higher.


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