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Our library of online courses grows monthly. Whether you're looking for our monthly video + eBook + graphics course, ...

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Launch (from Starter Kit to Success!)

You’ve got your kit in the mail. Or it’s on the way.  You feel— like us— that you could...

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The (Complete) Body Workshop

Your body is designed perfectly— to heal itself, to mend what is broken, and to do incredible things.   ...

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Ditch & Switch

Health really is simple— but we're more likely come be poisoned or toxified in our homes than outside of them. ...

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Respiratory System

Oxygen is radically underrated— It’s antibacterial,  it feeds the blood and helps it flow really wel...

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The Planner Workshop

You’re doing great work every single day… … we'll help you keep it organized! Want to take your...

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Cardiovascular System (Body Workshop 6)

Course 6 of The Body Workshop takes us to the system that most people believe is the most importance part of you&mdas...

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DIY (You Can Do It!)

There's an entire group of people out there-- like these gals-- who LOVE combining their love of essential oils with ...

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Endocrine System (Body Workshop 5)

In course 5 of The Body Workshop we take a deeper look at the system responsible for hormone production, as well as m...

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The YL Comp Plan

Young Living's Comp Plan has some clear markers as to  HOW to build your organization for long-term success!&nbs...

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Nervous System (Body Workshop 4)

Course 4 of The Body Workshop moves us to the nervous system. You'll learn the three main roles of this body system, ...

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The Oils of the Bible

Essential Oils aren't new. In fact, they've been around for centuries. We see them in historical artifacts, ancient m...

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