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Revelation = Invitation

An OilyApp+ class with a unique spin on the oils of Ancient Scripture, about moving forward into the things you&rsquo...

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Renewing Your Mind (with the Oils of Ancient Scripture)

Our thoughts actually create reality. And I’m not talking about in the theoretical, “perspective” t...

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Same Thing / Different View

There are two groups of people in your Downline- 1) product users and 2) business builders. Understanding the role th...

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Life Planning

Everyone is headed somewhere-- but where? In this course we get super-practical about helping you dream, define where...

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Launch (from Starter Kit to Success!)

You’ve got your kit in the mail. Or it’s on the way.  You feel— like us— that you could...

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Ditch & Switch

Health really is simple— but we're more likely come be poisoned or toxified in our homes than outside of them. ...

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DIY (You Can Do It!)

There's an entire group of people out there-- like these gals-- who LOVE combining their love of essential oils with ...

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The YL Comp Plan

Young Living's Comp Plan has some clear markers as to  HOW to build your organization for long-term success!&nbs...

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The Oils of the Bible

Essential Oils aren't new. In fact, they've been around for centuries. We see them in historical artifacts, ancient m...

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An OilyApp Online class about jumping off the time-for-money tango… then grabbing hold of your vehicle to live...

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Freedom from Guilt & Shame

In the same way our bodies produce physical symptoms when something is wrong, so also do our souls-- especially when ...

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PTSD & Essential Oils

Our March 2020 release features straight talk about PTSD, Past vs. Present Reality, and the Feelings Kit.

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